Souvenir Book & The Wisent

The convention souvenir book was given to all participants. If you've lost yours, or wasn't there, you can download this fantastic book, created by Anna Davour and Johan Anglemark, in pdf format.

Souvenir book

And here's the Programme Guide Book

Did you miss the convention newsletter? Here you can download all three issues of The Wisent, so craftily produced by Linnéa and her crew, every day of Eurocon 2011.

The Wisent #1
The Wisent #2
The Wisent #3

(PDF format)

More conventions?

Did you enjoy Eurocon? Why not visit more conventions? Here are the upcoming Swedish ones and the list will be updated as more turn up.

Images and reactions

We have collected all the links we have been able to find to images, blogs, articles and comments about Eurocon 2011.

Eurocon participants

Official body count: 746 from 33 countries.

Pub meeting

If you're still in Stockholm and want to hang on to the Eurocon feeling, why not come to the traditional Stockholm fandom pub meeting, which is held the third tuesday every month at Monks (Sveavägen 39, the same place as the warm-up pub).

Next time October 16, 2012!

Eurocon 2011 is over

Unfortunately, the convention is already over. But to help you overcome your PCS we will update these pages with official visitor figures and a lot of other information - as soon as the webmaster has had a week or two of sleep.

Dr Cagliostro´s cabinet of curiosities

Coming to Eurocon 2011 - unique exhibition comprising extraordinary objects and amazing stories based on encounters with the unknown.

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The programme is now more or less final. As always subject to last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances, though. Keep an eye on the convention notice board or here on the web.

Note that the programme is in Google Calendar, dead easy to add items to your personal Coogle Cal if you have one!


Now you can follow us on Twitter: @eurocon2011

Guest of Honour - John-Henri Holmberg

John-Henri Holmberg

Eurocon 2011 is happy to be able to announce John-Henri Holmberg, author, publisher, translator and fan, as our Swedish Guest of Honour.

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Eurocon 2011 is also Swecon 2011!

Eurocon 2011 has been voted Swedish National Science Fiction Convention, Swecon, for 2011.

Guest of honour - Ian McDonald


Eurocon 2011 proudly presents Ian McDonald, our second Guest of Honour

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Guest of honour - Elizabeth Bear

Eurocon 2011 proudly presents Elizabeth Bear as Guest of Honour.

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Fan Guest of Honour - Jukka Halme

Jukka Halme

Fan Guest of Honour at Eurocon 2011 will be Jukka Halme, of great renown in Finnish fandom.